ARC Percussion
Paul Zacarias  |  Brandon BLankenstein   |  CJ Barrow

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About ARC Percussion

This is the official webpage of the ARC Percussion Trio, thanks for visiting!

The trio was formed after three first year students at the University of Tennessee at Martin decided they wanted to play a trio piece. As they were in the process of getting the piece started, they started talking about actually forming a trio. Thus, ARC Percussion was formed. While the current form of ARC is a trio, the long term goal is to create a percussive group that is not limited to just trios.

Soon after the trio was formed, the charter members spent many hours exploring the various sounds of bowing different objects, from thundersheets, to resonators, to doorstops and music stands. Immediately they noticed the interest and decided on a fitting name for the trio, "ARC Percussion", originating from the Italian musical expression arco which means "to bow". 

As a trio, they performed "A Man With a Gun Lives Here" by Steven Snowden at their Ensemble Debut Performance on December 4th, 2013. While currently preparing for their first ensemble recital on March 16th, 2015, they are also currently awaiting new commissions by Steven SnowdenJosh Spaulding, and Justin Lee. 

Also composers themselves, they also plan to write some original works for solo, duo, and trio in the future.


The mission of ARC Percussion is to advance percussive and musical knowledge, spread passion for the musical arts, and instill a desire for excellence.