ARC Percussion
Paul Zacarias  |  Brandon BLankenstein   |  CJ Barrow

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An important part of ARC Percussion's philosophy is the education and advancement of percussion and chamber music. Currently, we have given clinics in various high schools, educating hundreds of middle and high school students.

Here are some examples of clinics we have given, as well as handouts we have used. Feel free to use these handouts for your own educational purposes!

If you would like us to come give a clinic on either of the following subjects, or any other topic regarding percussion or chamber music, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to cater a clinic to your school's needs!

  • Percussion/Chamber Ensemble
     - Types of Ensembles
     - Rehearsal Techniques
     - Listening Responsibilities
     - Balancing/Blending
     - Improvisation
     - Performing

  • Percussion Fundamentals
    - Snare Drum
    - Keyboards 
    - Bass Drum 
    - Crash Cymbals
    - Other auxiliary percussion

Clinic Handouts

(Supplemental videos coming soon!)

Percussion Fundamentals (PDF)
(Supplemental videos coming soon!)